1. 2000 SterkTimelineImage Stark Plast Company was founded in 2000, in Constanta, Romania, by two entrepreneurs, Mr. Haci Vural and Mr. Suleyman Islambay.
  2. 2006 SterkTimelineImage Having the opportunity to expand, we changed our headquarters in Medgidia, on an area of 12.000 sqm.
  3. 2008 SterkTimelineImage In order to change the image of the company we developed a new logo.
  4. 2009 SterkTimelineImage Along with the production of plastic products we also invested in the production of barrels.
  5. 2015 SterkTimelineImage In order to satisfy our costumers’ requests, we built a new factory o a surface of 42.000 sqm.
  6. 2017 SterkTimelineImage The new logo denotes the modernization, the progress and the character of Sterk Plast Company.
  7. 2018 SterkTimelineImage Completing the construction of the new factory and commissioning of the latest technologies.


Sterk Plast company, established in 2000 by two entreprenuers, Mr. Haci Vural and Mr. Süleyman Islambay, in order to provide customers with quality and useful plastic products. The company started its business in modest conditions, but quickly imposed itself on the market as a company that respects its clients and the commitments assumed, becoming a stable player in this market sector.

Innovation and sustainability

Sterk Plast’s products meet European quality and safety standards. As an innovative company, we have paid great attention to the efficiency and environmental protection, so we have replaced the old machines with new ones having state-of-the-art technology, aiming to reduce resource consumption and environmental impact. Our goal is to provide awareness to the effect of resource consumption on the environment and minimize it through robotic automation of production flow. We belive that innovation starts with product design. We renewed the R&D department in order to create useful, practical, durable, pleasant looking products.


We pay special attention to packaging materials in order to minimize waste generation and reduce their environmental impact by using packaging based on recyclable or recycled materials, as well as ensuring efficient waste management by recovering them from the market.

Social Responsibility

Sterk Plast focuses on the needs of the community in which they work, engaging in Education, Health, Sport and Culture activities through non profit organizations.

Made in Romania

We are in Romania and we are “Made in Romania”.